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Development Summer/Fall 2011 Fall 2013/2014 Fall 2015
Student Team
  • David Cowden
  • April O'Neill
  • Erik Opavsky
  • Dilan Ustek
  • Spencer Liberto
  • Dilan Ustek
  • Jordan Yuan
  • Vasilisa Bashlovkina
  • Anita DeWitt
  • Anqing Liu
  • Nicolas Knoebber
    • Marija Ivica
    • Sara Marku
    • Thu Nguyen
    • Ruth Wu
    Additional Acknowledgments
    • Use of Scribbler 2 robots in non-majors course: Deepak Kumar, Bryn Mawr College
    • Technical support: Douglas Blank, Bryn Mawr College
    • MyroCpp: Bruce MacLennan, John Hoare, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
    • MathLAN support: John Stone
    • Student support: Grinnell's Dean's Office
    • Feedback, suggestions: CSC 161 students
    • Technical support: Douglas Blank, Bryn Mawr College
    • eSpeak package: Jonathan Duddington
    • Student support: Grinnell's Dean's Office
    • OpenGL suggestions: Steve Cunningham and Judy Brown, former SIGGRAPH Chairs, Noyce Visiting Professors (2006)
    • Student Support: Grinnell's HHMI Grant; Samuel R. and Marie-Louise Rosenthal Chair of Natural Science and Mathematics
    Robot Environment;
    Single robot;
    Linux only;
    Standard C built upon C++
    Multiple robots;
    Linux only;
    Standard C
    Multiple robots;
    Linux, Mac OS X;
    Standard C
    Publications, Reports
    • David Cowden, April O'Neill, Erik Opavsky, Dilan Ustek, Henry M. Walker, "A C-based introductory course using robots", Proceedings of the 43rd ACM technical symposium on computer science education, pp. 27-32, Raleigh, NC, Feb. 29-March 3, 2012, Raleigh, NC
    • Dilan Ustek, Erik Opavsky, Henry M. Walker, and David Cowden, "Course development through student-faculty collaborations: a case study", ITiCSE 2014: Proceedings of the 2014 conference on innovation and technology in CS education, Uppsala, Sweden, pp. 189-194, June 2014.
    • Spencer Liberto, Dilan Ustek, and Jordan Yuan, Bluetooth Communication with C, MAP Report, December 2013.
    • Vasilisa Bashlovkina, Anita DeWitt, Anqing Liu, Nicolas Knoebber, and Henry M. Walker, A Refined C-based "Infrastructure and Curriculum to Support Robots in Introductory CS", Journal of CCSC, CCSC Central Plains, Vol. 6, Issue 5, May 2015, pp. 136-143
    • Marija Ivica, Sara Marku, Thu Nguyen, Ruth Wu,and Henry M. Walker, Student-faculty collaboration in Developing and Testing Infrastructure for a C-based Course using Robots, submitted for conference presentation

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    last revised 23 March 2016
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