Current Challenges

The Scribbler provides worthwhile functionality, and the IPRE Fluke expands this functionality and also allows the use of wireless connectivity (Bluetooth) to simplify the programming environment. Also, the Python environment is reasonably robust for programming by introductory students, and the capabilities support a lovely range of potential projects.

The developers from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville are making fine progress in porting the Python to a C++ environment. As with any development project, however, capabilities and details continue to evolve; as students and faculty gain experience, a "wish list" of new and revised features evolves.

In the past couple weeks, Mr. Walker has been able to download the C++ environment, and this allows adjustments in the package. Two priority topics on Mr. Walker's "wish list" have been:

These capabilities may provide additional insight for improving the program to follow a tape; the current system works mostly, but the robot sometimes goes astray.

Additional short-term challenges involve problems in recognizing items in different light settings and with batteries at various levels of charge.

created 19 February 2011
last revised 19 February 2011
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