Putting the Computer Game Industry in Perspective

Basic questions for framing a discussion:


Quote/definition from ITAA publication, The U.S. Information Technology Industry: A Brief Overview, http://www.itaa.org/news/docs/industryoverview.pdf

'Information technology (IT) refers to the collection of products and services that turn data into useful, meaningful, accessible information. The information technology industry has several major facets: computer hardware, software and services. Often, telecommunications hardware, software and services are also included in the definition. Given the convergence of this technology, including the Internet, hand held devices, intelligent machines and other equipment, clear distinctions between "information technology" and "telecommunications" are exceedingly difficult.'

Thus, the ITAA and the WITSA consistently report statistics for "information and communications technology (ICT)".

In the interests of complete disclosure, those definitions are used in what follows.

created 4 March 2008
last revised 7 March 2008
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