In "Nine Management Guidelines for Better Cost Estimating", Ledrer and Prasad identify principles based on surveys of software practice from about 1992:
  1. Assign the initial estimating task to the final developers.
  2. Delay finalizing the initial estimate until the end of a thorough study.
  3. Anticipate and control user changes.
  4. Monitor the progress of the proposed project.
  5. Evaluate proposed project progress by using independent auditors.
  6. Use the estimate to evaluate project personnel.
  7. Computing management should carefully study and approve the cost estimate.
  8. Rely on documented facts, standards, and simple arithmetic formulas rather than guessing, intuition, personal memory, and complex formulas.
  9. Don't rely on cost estimating software for an accurate estimate.

Update for XP Programming

XP programming was developed well after these guidelines developed.

Exercise: XP/Pair Programming Simulation

Phase 1: each person select a guideline
You have 15 minutes to write (on paper) your response

created May 14, 2003
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