2000-2008: Emergence of a Separate Department

Five Themes for the Mathematical Sciences

  1. Divergence of mathematics and computer science
    • Common Math/CS Dept. meeting
    • Then separate CS meeting
  2. Emergence of statistics
  3. Growth of CS faculty to critical mass
    • 2006: Janet Davis joined Dept, replacing Ben Gum
    • 2008: 4.6 FTE (Jerod Weinman joined Dept.)
  4. College policies departmental, not programmatic
    • 48 credit limit in dept. covered Math, CS
    • 12 credit exemption for CS majors
      (for MAT 131, 133, 215)
    • exemption disallowed for Math majors
  5. Confusion with prospective students, grad. schools, employers
    • How can CS be strong, if part of math?
    • How can math be strong, if part of CS?
    • Why no statistics?


No common venue for Math/CS/Statistics in renovated Noyce

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2006: Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Restructured

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