1986-1991: The Establishment of the Computer Science Major

Curricular Development: 1986-1991

Several developments influenced the CS curriculum in the late 1980s.

  1. CSC 203 Introduction to CS split to 2-course intro. sequence:
    • CSC 151 Computer Programming in Pascal
    • CSC 206 Fundamentals of CS (data structures)
  2. CSC 207 Computer Arch. and Op. Sys. added
  3. CSC 204 (Soft. Dev) upgraded to CSC 223
  4. Department name changed to expanded visibility
    • Dept. of Mathematics and CS highlighted CS
  5. 1986 "Model Curriculum" from the Liberal Arts Computer Science Consortium
    • Built on liberal arts strengths
    • Gave legitimacy to CS at liberal arts schools
    • Highlighted algorithms, languages, theory, project
  6. "Computer Studies" confused with "Computer Science"
    • Computer Studies (w/applications) dropped
    • replaced by Computer Science Major

1991: The Computer Science Major (reformatted with minor editing)

A minimum of 32 credits in computer science and mathematics. Required are

For students without advanced placement, CSC 206 had additional prerequisites:

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