Revised PageRank (2)

Relatively recent papers, such as Brin and Page [1] and Rogers [3], give a slightly different forumla — largely a variation of Revised PageRank (1).

In Revised PageRank (2), the random surfer picks a link on a current page with probability d and choses to move to an arbitrary page with probability 1-d. This gives rise to the vector equation:

R = (dA + D' * 1) R, where D is the column vector where each entry is 1-d

[Actually, in [1], Brin and Page use the above formula with the description that d is the likelihood that the surfer will move to a new page, but so far that explanation seems different from my understanding.]

Rogers notes that the 1-d factor also helps maintain the PageRank as a unit vector.

Several sources suggest that d = 0.85 works reasonably well.

created: 10 February 2007
last revised: 16 February 2007
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