Sample Rules from Yesterday's Placement Talk

Lisp format:
(rule125 (greateq* (VAL1 cntxt APBC) 3)
      (conclude cntxt TPLACE 133 tally 700))

(rule167 ($and (greateq* (VAL1 cntxt SemOfMath) 6)
               (greateq* (VAL1 cntxt SemofPcalc) 1)
               (greateq* (VAL1 cntxt GRADES) 2.5)
               ($or (notknown cntxt stdscores)
                    (same cntxt stdscores high)
                    (same cntxt stdscores good)
                    (same cntxt stdscores fair)))
      (conclude cntxt TPLACE 131 tally 800))
Semi-English format:
Rule 125:

If: the student's AP BC score is at least 3
Then: there is suggestive evidence (0.7)
      [confidence factor] that the TPLACE
      (tentative placement) of the STUDENT is Calc.II

Rule 167:

If: 1) the student has taken at least 6 semesters of math, and
    2) the student has taken at least a semester of precalculus, and
    3) the student's math grades are at least C+/B-, and 
       1) the student's STDSCORES are unknown, or
       2) the student's STDSCORES are HIGH, or
       3) the student's STDSCORES are GOOD, or
       4) the student's STDSCORES are FAIR

Then: there is strongly suggestive evidence (0.8)
      that the TPLACE of the STUDENT is Calc.I

created May 1, 2003
last revised May 13, 2003
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