Scenario 2: Collaboration on Homework

A science course has a weekly lab. Students work together in the lab, are allowed to talk about the data, but are expected to write up their own lab reports — in their own words. Students B and C worked together as partners during a lab session. After the lab, they met for an hour to discuss their results, and they took detailed notes about their discussions. While writing their lab reports, they worked at different workstations in the same room, and they regularly chatted with the other about what they were writing. Since the data were obtained together in the lab, they acknowledge collaboration on the data gathering. However, since they were typing at separate workstations, they do not mention collaboration in the write ups.

As a result of their process, their lab reports look quite similar, with many common phrases and parallel arguments.

Discussion Questions

  1. Are Students B and C responsible for academic dishonesty?
  2. What step(s) in their reports could these students take to completely resolve any possible questions of academic dishonesty?
  3. How might Students B and C change their process to avoid possibilities of academic dishonesty?

created 12 June 2014
last revised 13 June 2014
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