Scenario 5: Copying a Classmate's Work

Students H and I are roommates, who are taking the same class. When a paper is assigned, Student H researches the topic and writes a paper. Student I has trouble with the assignment.

Consider three situations:

  1. Student H has a medical appointment scheduled during the class, when the paper is due, so Student H gives the written paper to Student I to turn in.
  2. Student H printed out a copy of the paper, realized a typographical error, and reprinted the corrected paper. Student I finds the first printed paper in the trash.
  3. Student H writes the paper using a word processing package (e.g., Word or LibreOffice), and saves the paper to a file. It turns out that permissions on the file allow anyone to access it. Student I finds the paper after a search of computer files and makes a copy.

In each scenario, Student I makes a few changes in the paper, and turns in the slightly revised paper.

Discussion Questions

In considering the following questions, to what extent do your answers depend upon which of the three?

  1. If Student I does not reference Student H, is Student I responsible for academic dishonesty?
  2. Suppose Student I adds an initial sentence that what follows was taken from Student H and puts what follows in quotation marks or in a block quote. Is Student I responsible for academic dishonesty?
  3. Does Student H have any responsibility in this situation for making the paper available?

created 12 June 2014
last revised 13 June 2014
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