Transition from Current CS Major to the Proposed CS Major

Same Introductory Sequence, Upper-level Required Courses, and Systems Course

No transition needed between majors


4 credits required for current and proposed major

Any 4-credit project will count for either major

Other Requirements

Current major requires a language-based course

These could count as electives in new major

If current majors have not had either CSC 302 or 362, they could switch to the new major requirements.

Mathematical Foundations

Two key courses required for both the current and proposed major

MAT 131, Calculus I, is explicitly required in the current major, and is a prerequisite for CSC/MAT 208 and for MAT 218.

In the proposed major, the prerequisites for CSC/MAT 208 and for MAT 218 are unchanged. However, MAT 131 is not explicitly required. (If a student has AP Calculus or IB Calculus or other background to skip MAT 131, the proposed major would not require a special exemption for MAT 131.)

created 6 November 2013
last revised 9 November 2013
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