Options for Summer Work in Computer Science

Credit: This is a mildly edited version of a similar document written in 2004 by Samuel Rebelsky.

This document summarizes summer opportunities for students interested in doing projects related to computer science and computing. It is not intended to be comprehensive or completely accurate.

You can find a plethora of information at http://cerebro.xu.edu/summerinternships.html.

Warning! Deadlines for most programs are approaching quickly.


Setting Your Goals

As you invesigate the kinds of available summer opportunities, you should consider your goals (both short term and long term). In particular, you should consider what you hope to get from the summer. Do you want to learn more about the discipline? Do you want to exercise your skills? Do you want to investigate a possible career? Do you just want to make money? I've tried to note some particular advantages and disadvantages of each kind of program.

On Campus

Work With Grinnell CS Faculty



Contact: John Stone stone@cs.grinnell.edu and Contact: Henry Walker walker@cs.grinnell.edu.

Work With Grinnell Math Faculty



Contact: Attend the talk next Wednesday; I believe Mr. French, Ms. Shuman, and Mr. Wolf will be taking summer students.

Work with Physicist Charles Duke

Instructional Technology Services

Computing services typically hires a few students to work on a variety of projects over the summer, including help desk. We don't know how many students they plan to hire this summer.



Contact: Bill Francis, francisb@grinnell.edu

Other Campus Jobs

There are, of course, a variety of other jobs available on campus students who are really interested in staying at Grinnell. Some of these jobs may have a computing component.

Off Campus

Research Experiences for Undergraduates

The National Science Foundation sponsors a number of REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) projects nationwide. The NSF site can provide you with some pointers, including some that are nearby. Sites include the University of Iowa State University, DePauw University, and Hope College. The CS faculty know folks at DePauw and Hope.



Contact: Individual institutions (see the list for more details).

Corporate Internships

You should talk to career services about potential internships. You should also search on the Web. Grinnell students have done internships with a wide variety of companies. Some that come to mind include:

Some students have also had luck contacting alumni for leads.



International Students: The Career Development Office has a special form for obtaining curricular practical training (whatever that is) for the summer.

Contact: Steve Langerud, langerud@grinnell.edu

Other Research Internships

You might also consider applying for internships at research laboratories.



Contact: Individual researchers.

Noyce-Intel Summer Research Fellowships

These are competitive fellowships available to Grinnell students to undertake interesting and socially responsible applications of computing and technology. The internship must be at a nonprofit or governmental institution. In the past, some these fellowships have been used to support students working for Freenets, students developing computer applications for other disciplines at other Universities, and students working for the Webmaster on campus. Two or three are typically awarded. These can also be used for off-campus opportunities, and often are. The Noyce/Intel Committee has indicated that it does not intend to continue funding ITS-related projects on campus, including students working with the Webmaster.



Contacts: Sam Rebelsky (rebelsky@grinnell.edu) and Steve Langerud (langerud@grinnell.edu).


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