Survey Request: August 1, 2000

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Subject: High School and College Surveys

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the future of AP CS.

Just after the AP CS reading, there was some discussion on the listserve about a possible language change.

An Ad-Hoc committee has been studying the future of AP CS during the past year. They made a recommendation to the College Board that the language in the course be changed to Java. The AP CS Development Committee supported this recommendation.

The College Board is considering this recommendation and wants more information in two key areas.

  1. From colleges: more information is needed from colleges about current AP policies, languages used in courses and key principles taught in CS1 and CS2.

  2. From high schools: more information is needed on the impact of a possible change and needs of high school teachers for training, resources, administrative support, etc.

In order to collect some of this information, the College Board has made two surveys available on the web.

We would like one person from each school to fill out the survey. (These are the same surveys that were given at the AP CS reading, so if you filled one out at that time, please do not fill out another).

You will find the surveys at

The password for the college survey is "college" and the password for the high school survey is "school".

We appreciate your input.

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