CSC 499 Grinnell College Summer, 2011
Using Robots in CSC 161: an Exploration

Demonstrations and Lab Development Activities

Although the project will evolve over the summer, the following table outlines development activities for demonstration programs and lab development.

CSC 161 Topic(s) Activity Theme Demonstration Program(s) Previous 161 lab (if any) Proposed Lab Reading(s) Proposed Lab Exercise(s) Developers (Lead/Supporting) Status
Linux basics           David  
conditionals in C           Dilan  
loops in C           April  
input and output in C           ???  
functions and parameters           Dilan  
testing           Dilan  
arrays           Erik  
characters and strings           April  
pointers           David  
command-line input           Erik  
data representation           April  
structs           Erik  
files           David  
basic structure of C program; use of procedures play music            
simple imperative programming: assignments, sequencing; later add simple loop program to dance (i.e., move in some sequence)            
main loop with conditional move until obstacle            
main loop with conditional move toward light source            
main loop with conditional move to avoid object on left, or on right, or in center            
main loop with conditional report brightest (or darkest) part of a picture            
algorithm development; loops, conditionals program to go to wall, turn right, and move forward until obstacle encountered            
algorithm development; loops, conditionals program to "park" in garage            

This listing of potential labs will be updated regularly throughout the project.

Development Teams

  1. David, April
  2. Dilan, Erik
  3. Erik, April
  4. Dilan, David
  5. April, Dilan
  6. David, Erik
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