Science Phase 2: Construction Pictures

19 July 2006

These pictures, based on photos taken by Paul Slycord and Weitz Corporation, show interior construction within the new part of the Science Building.

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Roof (Fourth Floor) Greenhouse Third Floor Existing Roof Courtyard Area Basement Mystery

Roof (Fourth Floor)

Roof - Northwest
Roof – northwest corner
Roof Span (1)
Roof, looking eastwards towards the library
Roof Span (2)
Roof above computer science


Greenhouse (1)
Greenhouse floor: the first layer of waterproofing is in place between the bases for individual rooms; the head house is at the far (east) side
Greenhouse (2)
A second picture of the greenhouse floor area

Third Floor (Second-floor Roof)

Greenhouse Mezzinine
Looking across the library mezzanine on the third floor.
Third Floor South
From the third floor, looking north at the Campus Center
Third Floor North (1)
Looking northwest from the third floor toward the Campus Center.
Third Floor North (2)
Looking north from the third floor toward the Campus Center.
Third Floor Northwest
Third-floor spaces for computer science research labs and offices
Third Floor Stairs
Stairway to the roof in the northwest part of the building.

Roof over Current Science Building

Existing Roof (1)
Existing roof over Science Division Office
Existing Roof (2)
Construction of curbs for units to be placed on the existing roof
Existing Roof (3)
Existing roof over Science Division Office serves as a staging area for work on ventilation systems
Existing Roof (4)
The enclosure for the air handler unit above the Science Division Office

Second Floor Roof and Courtyard

Courtyard North
Looking northward over the courtyard along the second-floor roof
Courtyard Northeast
Looking to the northeast into courtyard from roof
Courtyeard East
Looking eastward, along the second-floor roof toward the greenhouse area
The yellow, stripped "Headache Ball" of the tower crane may be seen against the background of the roof at the back of the courtyard — in the upper center of the picture.
Formal Definition from OSHA: "Headache ball means a weighted hood that is used to attach loads to the hoist load line of the crans."]


Basement Hall
The basement corridor along the mechanical room.


Can you guess where this is located and what work this supports?

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