Science Phase 2: Views from the Crane

16 May 2006

With the main part of the roof poured, ventilation must be rerouted on the roof, and work can be started on the vaulted roof for the Science library.

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West Section
western section (1)
Forms (rectangular pieces) are stripped along the perimeter of the western roof section, which is becoming a staging area for ventilation work on the existing building.
western section (2)
A closer view of the preparations for work on the ventilation ducts on the roof of the existing Science building. New ducts and pipes are seen at the right of the picture on top of the new roof.
The Vaulted Roof of the Science Library (Central Section)
vaulted roof (1)
Looking north, forms for the vaulted roof take shape. The rounded forms are now about half done, starting on the eastern side.
vaulted roof (2)
Looking downward from the crane, the top of the columns peaks through the beams that will extend along the vault.
vaulted roof (3)
Steel supports are placed to support the vault forms for the western roof of the Science library.
The Central Section
south-central section (1)
Looking south toward the courtyard, the newly-poured roof provides a staging area for the rebar for the vaulted roof.
south-central section (2)
Looking downward into the courtyard with the existing Science building beyond.
East Section
south-eastern section
Looking from the crane tower toward the southeast, the roof of the third floor appears in the foreground and the base of the greenhouse appears in beyond
south-eastern section (2)
The third-floor roof extends to the north (below) and east (left) of the greenhouse, and low walls provide a base for the greenhouse area.
south-eastern section (3)
A closer view of the greenhouse area.

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