Questions for Coaches

  1. Security and privacy are key elements of computer systems, and almost every week news broadcasts report break ins to databases. This system must store data that coaches will really use, but should not store other data. Do you need all data currently stored (e.g., could we store ranges of ACT/SAT scores rather than specific values)?

  2. Recruit pages have links for "Important Dates", but so far no dates are identified. How should we fill in some information here?

  3. What should be listed under "positions", when a sport (e.g., golf) does not distinguish among different roles?

  4. Should the W3C HTML validation symbol be displayed on the recruits' pages?

  5. When one recruit participates in several sports, should one coach have access to the notes of another coach? (E.g., ratings, notes, lists of communications sent)

created 6 June 2005
last revised 6 June 2005
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