A Proposal for Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) to SIGCSE

by the Iowa Undergraduate Computer Science Consortium


The following budget reflects anticipated costs for activities in each of the area proposed in this proposal. Figures are given for contributions from the participating schools, funds anticipated from the NSF/SIGCSE grant, and total funds.

Anticipated Annual Expenditures
LocalNSF/SIGCSE Total for
Description FundsGrant FundsProposal
Increased mentors and assistants $8,750 $8,750
(2 students/campus, 5 hrs./week, approx. $6.25 per hour, 14 weeks/semester, 2 semesters on 5 campuses)
Graduate Visits to Partner College $1,000 $3,000 $4,000
(Graduate student travel, plus modest honorarium, for 4 campuses per year)
Shadowing $300 $100 $400
(Group travel at $50 per partner campus, meeting costs at $200)
Events at Graduate School $300 $300 $600
(Group travel at $50 per partner campus, meeting costs at $400)
Expanded Summer Research open open
Faculty Collaboration $300 $100 $400
(Faculty travel at $50 per partner campus, meeting costs at $200)
Students at Conferences $6,000 $6,000
(Travel and expenses at $500 per student for regional meetings for 2 per partner campus and 4 graduate students)
Administration $500 $500 $1,000
(Telephone, postage, copying, planning, publicity, travel, etc.)
Annual Total Expenditures $11,150 $10,000 $21,150

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created March 8, 1999
last revised March 20, 1999 by Henry Walker (walker@cs.grinnell.edu)