Computer Science Tutorial

Writing in the Tutorial

One vital objective of each tutorial is "To give special attention to writing and critial analysis". Thus, work for this tutorial includes the writing of five papers plus an exercise on quotation, paraphrasing, and citation. As shown in the following table, the topic of each paper relates directly to material discussed in class.

Exercise Title and Description
Paper 1 Artificial Intelligence
  • Clarify thesis
  • Paraphrase
  • Paper 2 Describe an Expert System
  • Library Research to find information on a specific expert system
  • Identification of approach and main points
  • Paper 3 World Wide Web
  • Explore a concept, theme, or application
  • Library Research
  • Paper 4 Parallel algorithms or Risks of Computing
  • Describe a specific parallel algorithm, or
  • Identify several risks of computing
  • Paper 5 Library Reserach and Report
  • Draft for peer review
  • Paper revision
  • Oral presentation

  • Some Notes on Writing Papers

    1. An effective paper must be based on an idea.

    2. While a nice appearances does not guarantee a good grade, a sloppy paper is likely to receive a lower grade.

    3. Spend enough time organizing, writing, editing, and polishing your ideas.

    4. The introduction (e.g., introductory paragraph) should identify the topic, place the topic in a context, and indicate the structure of the paper.

    5. Structure your argument, so that each paragraph has a unifying theme.

    6. Structure your sentences to make your point clearly, concisely, and forcefully.

    In short, both form and substance are needed for good reviews or a good grade. One is unlikely to do well with all form with no substance, but success is equally unlikely with substance but poor form. Often there is tendency to shortchange the importance of form, but this rarely produces strong results.

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