Pre-Workshop Survey

AP CS Workshop at Hawken School, June 29-July 3, 1998

Your response to these questions will allow details of the workshop to be tailored to the needs of the participants.

Please send completed surveys to Professor Henry M. Walker, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA 50112.

Thank you in advance for your help. Henry M. Walker


Hardware and Software

Part of the workshop will include hands-on laboratories involving the C++ programming language. To the extent possible, the hope is to tailor this experience to the equipment and software that you use regularly in your high school. While it is anticipated that both PC-compatibles and Macintoshes will be available, the following questions will help guide the selection of hardware and software for this workshop.

  1. What computing equipment normally is available for you and for computer science students at your high school? (Fill in the appropriate boxes.)

    Model RAM size Disk Size CD Available?
    Macintosh: ________________________________________________________
    PC-Compatible: ________________________________________________________

  2. Which operating system do you usually use (e.g., DOS, Windows, other -- specify release number)?

  3. Are the high school machines networked (yes/no)?

  4. Do you currently run C++ on the equipment at your high school (yes/no)?

Participant Background

The following questions will help planning for sessions at an appropriate technical level.

  1. Please describe your background in computer science.

  2. Indicate what programming experience you have had, including what language(s) in which you have programmed.

  3. Approximately how long (e.g., lines or pages) is the longest program you have written?

  4. Have you ever read or heard about C++ programming (yes/no)?

  5. A draft of this workshop's content and schedule is available over the world-wide web at

    Please indicate your reaction to this material. (E.g., comments; suggestions for additions, deletions, or modifications; changes in time allocations)

This document is available on the World Wide Web as

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