CSC 261 Grinnell College Fall, 2007
Artificial Intelligence


The accompanying table indicates assignments and due dates for Computer Science 261 and are subject to the following notes.

Due Date Collaboration
Chapter Problems
Wed., Sept. 19 Yes 3 3.7a,d
Yes 4 4.2, 4.3, 4.11
Yes Sup. Prob. 1
Mon. Oct 1 Yes 8 Group Exercise on Predicate Calculus
Fri. Oct 19 Yes 8-9 Group Exercise on Proof by Resolution
Wed. Nov 7 Yes Sup. Prob. 2

Supplemental Problems

  1. Page 106 shows two possible heuristic functions (h1 and h2). Use these heuristic functions h1 and h2 to show the first 3 moves that might be taken to solve the 8-puzzle, beginning with the start state shown in Figure 4.7 (page 105) and using the A* algorithm.

    In addition, briefly explain how you determined these initial moves. As part of your discussion, indicate what choice you made when the A* algorithm provides two or more alternatives with the same priority.

  2. Placement Cases for Statistics:

    1. A first approximation for the placement of incoming students into statistics uses the following rules given in black.
    2. A refinement of these placement rules is given in green.
    3. As questions arise, additional refinements are given in blue. (Due to timing of these recent refinements, these blue refinements need not be reflected in course assignments and the third project.

    For this assignment, each CSC 261 student is to fill out 5 data forms regarding the background of possible incoming students.

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