CSC 161 Grinnell College Fall, 2014
Imperative Problem Solving and Data Structures

CSC 161 Module on Image Processing with the Scribbler 2

Summary and Main Topics

This module introduces the customizable nature of self-written programs by using structs and 2-dimensional arrays, particularly emphasizing their uses with Myro Pictures.

  1. Pictures
  2. Structs
  3. Pixels
  4. Two Dimensional Arrays
  5. Insertion Sort
  6. Machine-level operations

Day-by-day Details

Day Topic Preparation In-class Due Date Availability
Wednesday, October 15 Module on Pictures
Friday, October 17 Hour Test 2 Covers through Module on Characters and Strings    
Monday, October 27 Structs: Transform a Pixel lab exercise    
Tuesday, October 28 Two Dimensional Arrays lab exercise   Tuesday, November 11
Wednesday, October 29 Insertion Sort lab exercise    
Friday, October 31 Bitwise operations and unions
  • King, Sections 16.4, 20.1
  • K&R 2.9, 6.8
lab exercise    
Monday, November 3 Supplemental Problem 3   Supplemental Problem 3 (done individually) Monday, November 3  
Monday, November 3 Module Project   project Friday, November 7  

Project: Picture Suite

For this project, you will write the following series of functions which modify a picture. Each function should include tests and examples of pictures which it modifies.