CSC 161 Grinnell College Fall, 2012
Imperative Problem Solving and Data Structures

CSC 161 Module to Introduce Conditionals, Loops, and Scribbler 2 Motion


This module introduces CSC 161 students to several fundamental elements of programming in C, including:

  1. using conditional statements (e.g., if, switch),
  2. using loops (e.g., initialization, iteration, condition testing, loop body with for, while), and
  3. introducing motion with the Scribbler 2 robot.

Day-by-day Details

Day Topic Preparation In-class Due Date Availability
Wednesday, September 12 Module 1: Conditionals, Loops, and Motion Examples    
Friday, September 14 Types and Variables (with casting)
  • Reading from Text
    • King: Sections 7.1-7.5, pages 125-148, OR
    • Kernighan & Ritchie, 1.1, 2.1-2.4, 2.7
Types and Variables Lab    
Monday, September 17 Conditionals, Scribbler 2
  • Motion
  • Sensors
Conditionals Lab    
Tuesday, September 18 Loops Loops Lab    
Wednesday, September 19 Supplemental Problem 1   Supplemental Problem 1 (done individually) Wednesday, September 19  
Wednesday, September 19 Loops and Scribbler 2 Motion
  • Reading from Text
    • King: Sections 6.4-6.5, pages 111-120, OR
    • Kernighan & Ritchie, 3.6-3.7
Motion and Loops Lab    
Friday, September 21 Project   Robot performs looped actions and sounds Tuesday, September 25  

Project Options

Working in pairs, students should develop a program that includes these elements:

Together with the program, a student pair must write a paragraph that describes what steps are needed to demonstrate the program is working correctly (this can be pseudocode).

Project Submission

Here are some guidelines for this project:


This project will be worth 25 points, based on the following rubric: