Scribbler 2

Materials to Support a C-based Course with Scribbler 2 Robots
Scribbler 2

Firmware Installation on the Fluke 2 and Scribbler 2

The use of MyroC requires the installation of firmware on both the Fluke and Scribbler robot. Although the firmware is available from, the prescribed installation process uses a custom Python-based program. In order to run within a fully-C-based environment, MyroC includes program initialize-firmware.c for installation within a C environment.

Warning: Program initialize-firmware.c is designed to install firmware in the context of Fluke 2 and Scribbler 2 hardware. This program will not run appropriately on older hardware versions (e.g., Fluke [1] or Scribbler [1] hardware).

Downloading, Compiling, and Running

Program initialize-firmware.c is part of the MyroC package, located in the firmware-update directory within the subrelease directory (e.g., MyroC.3.0/MyroC.3.0d).

Compiling details depend upon the computer's operating system (e.g., Linux or Mac OS X).

  1. Create a symbolic link to the customized Makefile within the firmware-update directory.

    • On Linux, create a symbolic link:
            ln -s Makefile-linux Makefile
    • ON Mac OS X, create a symbolic link:
            ln -s Makefile-mac Makefile
  2. Set up the Bluetooth pairing for the Fluke 2, following the pairing instructions for running MyroC.

    In program initialize-firmware.c, edit the connection_name variable at the start of the main procedure to specify the Fluke 2 number.

  3. Within the firmware-directory compile the program:

          make initialize-firmware
  4. Run initialize-firmware:


    At the start, check the connection name for the Fluke 2, and enter an updated string, if necessary.

    Step 1: (optional)

    • If a previous version of Fluke 2 and Scribbler 2 has already been installed, check what version is present by entering "1" at the initial prompt.
    • If no robot-related software has been installed (e.g., the hardware just arrived from the distributor/manufacturer), enter "0" at the prompt.

    Step 2: Download firmware to local files

    Under DOWNLOAD options, select the Fluke 2 option and then the Scribbler 2 option. When this is accomplished, use option 3 to leave this download section.

    Step 3: Upload the Fluke 2 firmware

    Select option 1 in the UPLOAD options section. In practice, Fluke 2 version 3.0.9 extends to about 1.6 megabytes, so the uploading process may continue several minutes (depending upon the Bluetooth speed).

    During and after the upload of Fluke 2 version 3.0.9, the Fluke 2 may or may not give any indication of progress. The initialize-firmware program will report bytes uploaded, but the Fluke 2 will not indicate this material has been received. Rather, patience is a virtue!

    After program initialize-firmware suggests uploading is complete, wait another few minutes for the Fluke 2 to perform installation.

  5. Step 4: Upload the Scribbler 2 firmware (requires Fluke 2 firmware already uploaded)

    Select option 2 in the UPLOAD options section.

    Program initialize-firmware will report the progress of the file upload. In addition, a light on the Fluke 2 will begin blinking, and eventually the Scribbler 2 robot will beep. Wait until the light activity and the beeping ends.

  6. Step 5: Check the new versions of the Fluke 2 and Scribbler 2 firmware (optional)

    Repeat Step 1 above

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