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SIGCSE 2001:  February 21-25, Charlotte, NC  USA

The 32nd Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education

February 21-25, 2001

Charlotte, NC   USA

Theme: Towards Excellence in Computing Education


This page provides information about submitting papers and the reviewing process for the SIGCSE 2001 Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education. General information about SIGCSE 2001 (including information on panels and special sessions) may be found at .

Details are available below on each of the following topics:

Deadline for either on-line or hard-copy submissions: Friday, September 8, 2000

Other Dates

On-Line Forms

The following on-line materials are available in conjunction with SIGCSE 2001:

Types of Papers

Papers may describe a classroom experience, teaching technique, curricular initiative, or educational research project.   Topics of interest include, but certainly are not limited to:

Paper Formatting

Authors must submit two versions of their papers: a full version (with normal author/institution information), and an anonymous version with all references to the author(s) removed. The full version is available for use by the Program Committee and the anonymous version is used in the refereeing process.

While not required, electronic submissions of papers are encouraged.

Format for On-Line Submissions: Papers submitted electronically must follow these guidelines:

Format for Hard-Copy Submissions: All hard-copy submissions, both full and anonymous, are limited to 5 pages in length and must conform to the format specified in SIGCSE 2001 Instructions for Preparing PapersUse the SIGCSE 2001 Paper Templates for guidance.

Paper Submission Process

On-Line Submissions (requires Netscape or Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher):

Electronic submission of papers is done through a web-based author-submission form. Papers submitted electronically must be in pdf or ps format for the full version and html format for the anonymous version as specified above.

Upon submission of a paper, the primary author will receive confirmation of the paper's receipt through both the web-browser interface and an e-mail message. Each confirmation will contain both a paper number and passwords for both the full and anonymous paper.

Verifying the Paper: After receiving confirmation, authors should use the web-based author-viewing form to view their papers on-line and check that the papers have been received correctly. (To maintain appropriate security, access to all papers requires both the paper number and password. These are sent to the primary author when a paper is submitted.) One of the authors should send e-mail to if there are any problems with the paper as received electronically. If problems in the electronic materials received for a paper cannot be resolved quickly, the fallback position will be to request that the author submit a hard-copy version of the paper, following the hard-copy submission instructions below. If the trouble arises after the submission deadline, then authors will have 3 additional days (until the end of Monday, September 11, 2000) to submit the hard-copy version of their papers.

Deadline: All on-line submissions must be received by Friday, September 8, 2000. (In the unlikely event that web server or is down for 1 or more hours on either September 7 or 8, then the on-line submission date is automatically extended until Monday, September 11 or until 48 hours after either server comes back up -- whichever is later.)

Hard-Copy Submissions:

The paper may be submitted in hard-copy form, following specific SIGCSE 2001 Paper Templates. To submit paper copy, please include the following information:

Even for papers submitted in hard-copy format, you are encouraged to submit the cover sheet using a web-based, cover-sheet form. Send all other information to:

Renee McCauley, SIGCSE 2001 Program Co-Chair
Department of Computer Science
College of Charleston
J.C. Long Building, Room 216
9 Liberty Street
Charleston, S.C. 29401
Phone: (843) 953-6905 Fax: (843) 953-8154

Deadline: All hard-copy submissions must be postmarked by Friday, September 8, 2000 and papers postmarked September 8 should be sent by overnight mail (weekend delivery not desired).

Accessing Papers

To maintain appropriate security, access to each paper requires knowledge of both the paper number and the password. Thus, authors will be given the paper number and passwords of both the full and anonymous versions of their papers. Referees will be given the paper number and password for each paper they are to review. Papers may be accessed through an authors' web-based paper-viewing form and a web-based referee-viewing form .

Reviewing Process for Papers

Papers are reviewed according to categories indicated by the authors when the papers are submitted. The Program Chairs hope to have each paper reviewed by at least 4 referees, although it is possible that practical constraints will require that some papers will be reviewed by fewer people.

For all papers submitted on-line, referees will receive, via e-mail, the paper number and password for each paper they are to review. Access to papers will be through a web-based paper-viewing form and referees will fill out a web-based referee report for each paper. We anticipate that anyone who has access to versions 3.0 or later of either Netscape or Internet Explorer will be able to participate in the reviewing process.

For papers submitted in hard-copy form, referees will be mailed a copy of the paper. Referees still will fill out the web-based referee report for each hard-copy paper.

All reviews submitted for a paper will be distributed anonymously to both the author(s) and reviewers of that paper. This will give the author feedback and provide information to the referees. It is hoped that, over time, this feedback will help referees improve their reviews as they can compare their responses to those of others.

Referee Registration

All SIGCSE members are encouraged to participate in the paper reviewing process, and the SIGCSE Symposia Program Committees maintain a database of referees' names, addresses, and areas of interest. This year, all referee reports will be handled on-line, using a web-based referee reporting form.

For New Referees: If you are interested in reviewing papers for SIGCSE 2001, you are invited to fill out the web-based referee-information form to register as a referee.

For Those Who Have Reviewed Before: All people currently listed in the referee database will receive an e-mail message during July with the current recorded information.

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