Starting this term (and, hopefully, continuing into the future), the Rebelskys will be hosting Sunday Dinners for students at our home at 1321 Park Street (236-7445). No guarantees of gourmet food, but we'll do our best to cook interesting and edible food (and it will be home-cooked except for exceptional weeks). In general, dinners will run from 5:30-7:30pm, but you can certainly leave early. Those who want to watch The Simpsons can leave or retire to the living room at 7pm.

Why have these dinners? To give you a chance to meet with faculty (okay, mostly just SamR and family) in a less formal setting, to give you a chance to escape campus (okay, so we're not that far from campus), to give you better alternatives to weekend cafeteria food, and to give me a chance to get to know you better.

There's room for about four students each week, so email me with weeks that you're interested in (and dietary restrictions/preferences). If you're a vegetarian, let me know. I'm happy to make both vegetarian and non-vegetarian main courses most weeks.

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