SamR's Schedule, Spring 2018

This is a draft of my schedule for Spring 2018. As with all of my schedules, it is subject to frequent change and may only vaguely approximate my actual schedule. Many activities---such as grading, writing, and more class preparation---take place during evening and weekend hours.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 Class Prep (151) CSC 151 Leader Meeting Class Prep (151) Paperwork Class Prep (151)
8:30 CSC 151 Paperwork CSC 151 CSC 151
9:00 ENG 295 ENG 295
10:00 Office Hours Office Hours Office Hours
11:00 Paperwork Community Time Paperwork Convocation CSC 321x Mentor
11:30 Scheme Squad
Noon Science Division / Department Meeting CS Table Open Open Faculty Fridays
1:00 Class Prep (32x) Organization Class Prep (32x) Paperwork Class Prep (32x)
1:30 Office Hours
2:00 CSC 321/22 Office Hours CSC 321/22 CSC 321/22
3:00 Open
3:30 Open
4:00 Faculty Meeting Wilson Thursday Extras

For those who have to schedule meetings (and I do not envy you): I try to keep my Outlook calendar up to date. Beyond that, I prefer to be scheduled in the Open slots. If those do not work, try my scholarship times next, then class prep time, then paperwork time. Finally, if no other options are available, you can schedule during office hours.

Walking Office Hours are an idea borrowed from my colleague, Janet Davis. I try to reserve some wellness time a few days a week to walk, and invite students to join me on those walks. While we won't be able to do deep CS, we can certainly talk about other issues. I should have a sign-up sheet posted outside my door.

Online signup for office hours is available at If office hours don't work, drop me an email and I can probably find time during paperwork or class prep times.


I am teaching three courses this semester:

I am also sitting in on selected days of the other section of CSC 301.

Other Activities

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