Software Design (CSC-223 97F)

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Samuel Alexander Rebelsky

name Samuel Alexander Rebelsky
major Mathematics (undergrad); Computer Science (grad)
home Newton, Mass (along the way, I've lived in Chicago, New Hampshire, Maine, and Holland)
courses I'm teaching 152 and 223.
experience More than I want to admit.
languages More than I want to admit. The C-like languages I know include ANSI C, K&R C, C-shell, C++, Perl, and Java. I also know a number of functional languages, some OOP languages, and have forgotten some, too.
motivation It seemed like an interesting course to teach.
expectations What its like to teach at Grinnell (yup, it's my first term teaching here).
concerns That I'll push you folks too hard.
likes Emphasis on "learning for learning's sake".
dislike Used bookstores and record stores in town not up to my standards
topfive Five favorite genres of music 1. Americana/Roots/whatever we call it this week 2. Power pop 3. Folk (classic and modern) 4. R&B (50's-60's) 5. A Cappella
self I'm a new faculty member at Grinnell. I have a wife, Michelle, and a child, William. Michelle's finishing her residency, so I'm a "single parent" this term.
other-questions N/A
for-sam N/A

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