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public class Balloon
extends Object
A simple implementation of racing balloons.

Copyright (c) 1998 Samuel A. Rebelsky. All rights reserved.

Samuel A. Rebelsky

Variable Index

The maximum safe inflation of a balloon.
The minimum inflation of a balloon.

Constructor Index

o Balloon(Color)
Build a new baloon of a particular color.

Method Index

o blowLeft(int)
Blow the baloon to the left a certain amoutn.
o blowRight(int)
Blow the balloon to the right a certain amount.
o deflate()
Deflate the balloon.
o draw(Graphics, int)
Draw this balloon at its current location.
o drop()
Drop a weight.
o getHeight()
Get the height of the balloon in units above ground level.
o getInflation()
Get the current inflation of the balloon.
o getPosition()
Get the position of the balloon in units to the left of start.
o getSandbags()
Get the number of sandbags left in the balloon.
o getVelocity()
Get the vertical velocity (positive is up, negative is down).
o getWeight()
Get the weight of the balloon.
o inflate()
Inflate the balloon.
o pop()
Pop the balloon.
o popped()
Has the balloon popped?