The following people have contributed to the content, design, and construction of this web. The current descriptions are somewhat ad hoc and will be updated. No comment is meant to be insulting, simply humerous.

Samuel Bausson. Designer, artist, synthesist, anthropologist.

Lillian Benjamin. "Just Lillian".

Erica Chang. Essayist, future teacher, smoker.

Bronwyn Collins. Certified "math geek", future extraordinary teacher, essayist, editor.

Kelly Helt. Philosopher, questioner, resolver, smoker, conscience, storyteller, legendar absentee.

Alex Hernandaz. Essayist, problem-solver, distracter.

Brian Lehr. Proto-hacker, web designer.

Emily Moore. Teacher, inspiration, problem designer.

Beth Nuckolls. Essayist, "Quiet conscience", sibling of math geek.

John Palinski. Essayist, future economist, sports geek.

Jay Polson. Problem writer, discussion leader.

Samuel A. Rebelsky. Taskmaster and webmaster.

Andrew Sherburne. Animation author, designer, artist, progrrammer.

Stephanie Wilcox. Problem writer, problem solver, all-around contributor, prison guard.

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