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The Island of Problem Solving

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Leone Burton (1990). Gender and Mathematics: An International Perspective. London: Cassell Educational Limited.

Laurie Buston (1981). Do You Panic About Maths? London: Heinemann Educational Books, 1981.

Alice M. Fairhurst and Lisa L. Fairhurst (1995). Effective Teaching Effective Learning. Palo Alto: Davies-Black Publishing.

A discussion of the Meyers-Briggs personality types and their impact on how teachers teach and students learn. Intended for a wide variety of teachers and students, from elementary to post-secondary.

John Mason with Leone Burton and Kaye Stacey (1985). Thinking Mathematically (revisted edition). Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley.

A nice small text on a technique of problem solving that focuses on rubric writing (writing that involves "rubrics" to guide solutions) and resolutions (developing answers that involve process as well as solutions). The core text for our course. Also a nice source of problems.

Wayne Wickelgren (???). How to Solve Problems

[Front Door] [Problems] [Resolutions] [Essays] [Resources] [Miscellaneous]

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