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Twenty-First Century Problem Solving

The 21th Century Problem Solving site offers multiple applications to problem solving techniques in Algebra, Physics, Chemistry and other disciplines. The site is divided into 9 general sections: 2 concern theoretical approaches and 4 offer applications of these theories to actual problems. The How to section is most useful in terms of general ideas about problem solving. Its approach consist of a four step process encapsulated by the 3 R's of Problem Solving: Request - Response - Result. This process is similar to the Entry - Attack - Review approach developed in Thinking Mathematically. [SB]

PBS Cyberschool

This site, entitled PBS Cyber School, has quite a number of possible problems to solve. The site discusses the scientific method and through this theme, they are able to instruct and guide children through the fundamentals of scientific inquiry. The site is geared towards children and draws them to the site by the subject content of sports. I found the site to have many examples of problems, from a possible physics perspective and simple math to abstract cognitive analysis. However, I think this site is geared toward a 5-12 year old audience, because the person browsing does have to be adept to navigate the site as well as understanding the language of the site. Nonetheless, this is a good site for children to stretch and excercise their minds. [AH]

University of Utah

This site is a great mixture of resources, sympathy, and quotes. There is information on both problem solving and on other forms of math. There is a section that starts out, "Do you feel....." and contains comments from people who feel the same way. There are also links to pages of great quotes from Einstein, Newton, and others. A definite resource, or fun study break.

Prentice Hall webpage (link not functioning)

This link does not seem to have any information about Problem Solving or Pascal. If there is information it is well hidden. There is, however, a catalog of Prentice Hall (PH) text books, where you can browse and search for PH books. There is a companion website gallery with links to all PH sites, organized by discipline. You can also get yourself on the PH mailing list,

On a usefulness scale of 1-4, I would give this a 1, since there is no easily accessible information about problem solving.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom is a large, well-categorized problem solving web. With divisions for problem solving in Algebra, Physics and Chemistry, plentiful information on problem solving theory and a substantial set of links to other sites it is a complete site. There are numerous sets of problems and resolutions in each discipline and the resolutions are thorough. The math software "SureMath" is used on many of problems. The graphics and overall organization are also impressive. [JP]

Problem of the Week

The Problem of the Week homepage is a simple yet useful site. It does not contain any problems, however, there is a catagorized list of sites containing problems. There are links to sites with problems for every grade level. Each site has been reviewed and rated on everything from content to quality. This site is great for those of you who want more problems to challenge yourself. [AS]

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