Resolution Romper Room

While you may have encountered many interesting sights in your travels outside of the island, little could have prepared for the romper room of resolutions. In it, you find Sammer the resolution-happy clown trying to lead a group of recalcitrant children. Rather than finding answers to questions like everyone else in the funhouse, he stresses the importance of focusing more on the process than on the solutions.

After berating his students for awhile, he calms down and explains that, while answers do have their places, many answers are worse than useless without an explanation as to how they were derived. More importantly, as you attempt to solve new problems you can also use resolutions of past problems to guide your efforts.

Sammer observes your blank stare and realizes that you would benefit from some particular examples. However, Sammer is rather sad that he has so few to offer you at this time. When you ask him why, he yells "Because certain students have neglected their responsibilities!" He then gives you these resolutions and skips off merrily, leaving you to figure them out.


Or you can head back to the the funhouse or the college's reading room.

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