The Woman in the Flour Predicament

[Taken from Wertheimer's Seminars: 11. Reworded by Stephanie Wilcox]

A woman was kneading dough in front of the center pole of her tent. When she needed more flour from the bag of flour behind the pole, she bent down and encircled the pole with her arms. She cupped her hands and scooped out some flour from the bag. When she tried to get the flour to the dough that she had been kneading, she found that the tent pole obstructed her cupped hands. She did not want to drop the flour back into the bag for fear of wasting it. Not knowing what to do, she began to cry. Give her instructions on how to get the flour to the bread she is kneading without uncupping her hands or losing any of the flour, so she can stop crying and get on with her life.

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