The Elevator and the Imbicile

[By Samuel Bausson. Based on "The Fireman Works the Ladder" found at .]

Jean-sam, a disobedient little fool, was playing with the elevator of a tall building while his mom was impatiently waiting for him on the last floor.

Jean-sam was whimsically pressing all the buttons at random. In the process the elevator first jumped from the middle floor to three higher floors. Then went down seven floors. Later went up 10 floors, broked down and got stuck there due to the fool's puerile abuse of the electronic system. The building's repairman came to the rescue, unlocked the door and help the shaken little idiot climb the stairway and reach his mom 4 floors higher up.

At what floor was the excruciating mom waiting to severely reprimand her progeny?

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