While many areas of The Island are devoted to particular topics or issues, some ideas, things, and people have no clear homes. Often, they then come to the marketplace to promote or share of themselves.

Wandering through the marketplace, you may encounter K Bean, the storyteller. Today, she has a story about Usera and her adventures on the island of java.

Andy the Animator has been producing interesting animations of particular games and problems. Today, he's come up with a way for you to experiment with the towers of hanoi. He also has a game for you, that he likes to call octopuzzle.

Andy's apprentice, Brian the Mediocre Wannabe Animator, has his own interactive problem solver for the "consuming cookies" problem, but it doesn't seem to be functioning now. Go figure.

In a corner of the market, you see a number of problem solvers scribbling on something labeled reflecting wall. You might go read what they've written.

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