You wander towards the university, thinking "they must give course on problem solving". However, you soon learn that this is a modern university with no faculty; they college uses distance learning for all its courses. However, the cable system is currently down so no courses are being held.

A guide says: "Most of us don't learn anything from the distance classes anyway; we prefer to learn by reading." When you ask about answers to questions, they say "Here on The Island we don't come up with answers, we write resolutions. You'll need to see Sammer the happy clown to get those. You guide then leads you to the reading room.

When you wander into the reading room, you're struck by the large number of papers heaped in piles. The caretakers of the reading room in the island have a casual attitide towards organization: if something looks interesting, they put it in a pile somewhere. They tell you "start reading anywhere and you're likely to find something interesting."

Fortunately, a few patrons of the reading room are willing to describe the various piles. They show you stacks with

Problem Solving, the Thinking Mathematically way

Other Strategies

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Student Journal Entries

Students in the various courses at the University often write short essays about their reactions to problem solving. Others have noted that the joys and frustrations reflected in these essays help them better master problem solving.

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