Surprise! Here you were, minding your own business, when suddenly a freak bytestorm on the web has thrust you into a small island in the middle of nowhere. The inhabitants of the island are a little different from you or me. Rather than pursuing standard enjoyments, like television, aerobics, and web surfing, they spend most of their time posing and solving puzzles, often math-based puzzles.

While you'd like to escape as soon as you can, they'd really like to indroctrinate you in their philosophy of problem solving. You figure "hey, I'm stuck here anyway and it's better than most of the stuff on the web, why not?" You ask a group of natives, "Where should I go to learn about this concept you call problem solving?" They reply, "Well, that's a problem for you to solve! and walk off.

Fortunately, one of them accidentally leaves behind a map to the island...

For the less whimsical among you ...

Welcome to the Web of Problem Solving. This collection of resources was created by the members of the Spring 1998 session of Grinnell's Problem Solving and Computing. We hope that you find them useful as you work on developing your problem-solving abilities.

At the top of every page, you'll see links to the various parts of the web. At present, you can visit

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Warning! This site is under development.

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