Student Representative to the Presidential Search Committee

Monday--8am--4pm Post office Elections!!!

The nominees for candidates for second student rep. to the Presidential Search Committee are:

Statements of intent can be found in the post office, library, and forum. They will also be posted in ARH during the candidate's Q&A and in the post office during elections.

Here are the nominees' paragraphs. Please take the time to read them, and tell a friend to finger this account to read them too! (they are in alphabetical order)


The Trustees have said that they are seeking a President with "vision". Someone who is willing to address student concerns and initiatives. Intrinsic to this mission is student input. As someone who has helped organize the recent movement for increased representation on the search committee, I would like to be the person who represents students. Whoever students elect must: 1) possess knowledge of the issues; 2) the ability to articulate student concerns; 3) commit her/him-self to the work of the committee; 4) be able ask difficult questions in an intimidating environment. I believe that my experience with faculty, support staff, student groups (including MEC), and Alceste Pappas will enable me to express and defend the concerns of students (both the polical minority and students of color).

Some of the most pressing questions will center around how any of the prospective candidates plan to deal with Grinnell's horrendous rate of attrition. While 20% of students at large leave Grinnell by their sophomore year,over 40% of minority students leave. Another issue of concern is the use of diversity claims by the college. The college claims to be a diverse community, yet again and again it has failed to support students of color. My recent work on the Affirmative Action committee has convinced me that while members of the faculty and staff are working to increase diversity within their ranks; any hopes of success lie in selecting a President who is willing to get her/his hands dirty and take a stand. I hope to ask those difficult questions, and help to select a President whose vision includes students.

I encourage everyone to attend Sunday night's panel. Please vote this Monday.

Jeetander Dulani '98
Box 04-84


While I, Ben Jenkins, have many concerns about the actions of the new president and how they will affect Grinnell, the most important is diversity. Two major concerns compose my feelings about diversity relative to the elected president. First, I believe that Grinnell has a need to, at a minimum, maintain its current level of diversity in student body, with the aim of doubling current minority enrollment in six years. This goal of increasing diversity would involve a continuing commitment by the president-elect towards foriegn students, minority students, students with alternative political and religious beliefs, and GLBT persons. My second major concern is relative to the presidents impact on faculty, a power that impacts the students as well. Grinnell, I feel, needs to increase the representation of female and minority professors in all fields. A review of current faculty with an eye towards promotion of assistant professors, combined with a commitment to give and have a higher percentage of female and minority faculty with tenure would help increase faculty diversity. Apart from these issues of diversity, I also feel that the new president should be concerned with beautifing the campus, maintaining EXCO, and expanding courses offered to allow students to better pursue their interests while at Grinnell. My commitment to these and other issues would make me an appropriate candidate for the selection board.

Thanks, Ben Jenkins


I, M. Gabe Rodriguez '00, do hereby nominate myself to serve as a second student voice on the Presidential Selection Committee. Because this opportunity is rare, and because the direction of the college is greatly influenced by the college president, it is imperative that as many student perspectives be heard in the selection as possible.

As a representative of not only minority and GLBT students but also Grinnell students who do not feel represented by SGA, I will bring concerns such as the role of the president in Grinnell's commitment to diversity to the selection process.

Our next president MUST share the goals of multicultural students, especially concerns for multicultural space. It is imperative that candidates understand student concerns over the lack of minority professors, the weaknesses in the Latin American, Asian, and Africana Studies Concentrations, as well as the lack of any GLBT studies curriculum. As Grinnell's prominance among American colleges continues to rise, the president must commit him/herself to meeting the expectations of the students who choose to attend.

The next president must also understand the dynamics of Grinnell that demand a rapport between the students and administration. Our next president must be aware of student concerns and make a genuine effort to hear them and also make a genuine effort to meet with and talk to students. The next president must also understand our commitment to self-governance and his/her role in such an environment.

These are some of my personal concerns in the selection of the next president. However, they do not encompass the range of opinions and agendas of all Grinnell students. Still, as a second representative, I will be able to bring a minority/alternative voice to the committee and ensure that as many student concerns be heard as is possible.

M. Gabe Rodriguez '00

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