Math/CS Course Evaluation Form

Course: ____________________       Instructor: ____________________

Please take a few minutes to fill out this questionnaire. Your comments will b evaluable in helping to improve the course. They will also be used by the department for faculty evaluation. These forms will not be read by the instructor until after grades are assigned.

  1. Class Sessions. Were the lectures at the right level for you? Were difficult concepts explained well for the most part? Did you feel free to ask questions when you didn't understand a concept? What were the most effective uses of class time?
  2. Assignments. Were the assignments too easy? Too hard? Did the assignments help you learn the subject? Did the instructors's evaluation of your work help you learn the subject?
  3. Exams. Did the exams cover the important material of the course? Were they at the right level? Did you feel you knew how to prepare for the exams?
  4. Text/Readings. Were the text and other readings useful? What were their strengths and weaknesses? (If there were handouts, web pages, reserve readings, etc., comment on those, too.)

  5. Organization. Did the most important topics stand out clearly? Could you see how the topics fit together? Were there topics that went too quickly? Topics that went too slowly?
  6. Summary.
    a. What were the strengths of the course?
      b. What suggestions would you give for improving the course?


  1. How much time per week outside of class did you spend on this course?
  2. What percent of the assignments did you complete?
  3. What percent of the classes did you attend?
  4. Did you work with other students?
  5. Did you get help from the instructor outside of class?

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