Dumb things I did while ...

This is an attempt to note some of the more foolish mistakes of my career as part of the Grinnell College Department of Mathematics and Computer Science seminar entitled I was a 70's math junkie. I wasn't in college in the 70's, and I don't study "70's math", these days I'm a computer scientist, and I've never mainlined theorems or algorithms. Nonetheless, I hope to stay with the spirit of the seminar by confessing some of my least clever actions at various stages of my career. At times, I do try to ameliorate the action by defending it or suggesting positive consequences. Note also that the line between undergraduate and graduate may be slightly blurred, since I stayed at the same institution and don't always remember things in the proper context.

Without further delay, here are some dumb things I've done as ...

An undergraduate

A graduate student

A faculty candidate

A faculty member