Hypermedia: Some Technology, Some Implications (Fall 1999)

Class 01: What is Hypermedia?

On to What is Hypermedia? Revisited.

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If you're going to start serious academic work, then it's best that you start as soon as possible. Hence, we've decided to assign some reading and some writing for Thursday's class. You will read a short essay on writing in college and a number of short papers that give some definitions of hypertext. You will also write a draft of a short assay that addresses the question ``Is the Talmud a Hypertext?''.

Hypertext, Revisited

Some of you may be wondering how Sam and Rebecca define hypertext. Since Sam's writing this, and Rebecca isn't around, you get Sam's approximate definition(s). (Written quickly the night before this day's meeting.)

Hypertext is a way of structuring information in which that information is first broken into small pieces (variously called chunks, nodes, pages, or lexia) and then linking those pieces together in multiple ways. By providing multiple links from and to each piece, an author frees readers to take the paths that best suit them.

At the core of hypertext is a sense of empowering the reader. Typically, this also entails giving readers the opportunity to add and share their own links and pieces.


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On to What is Hypermedia? Revisited.

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