Hypermedia: Some Technology, Some Implications (Fall 1999)

Course Syllabus

This is a highly approximate syllabus. While the first few weeks are fairly-well fixed, the later weeks contain rougher notes on the topics. Expect topics, assignments, ordering, and almost everything else to change.

Week One: Introduction

Class 01 (Sunday, August 22, 1999) What is Hypermedia?

Class 02 (Thursday, August 26, 1999) What is Hypermedia? Revisited

Week Two: World-Wide Web Technology

Class 03 (Tuesday, August 31, 1999) Technology: Representing Hypertexts

Class 04 (Thursday, September 2, 1999) Technology: Representing Document Styles

Week Three: Background

Class 05 (Tuesday, September 7, 1999) Intellectual Property

Class 06 (Thursday, September 9, 1999) The Evolution of Writing

Week Four: Hypertext Nonfiction

Class 07 (Tuesday, September 14, 1999) Writing and Reading Hypertext

Class 08 (Thursday, September 16, 1999) Reading Hypertext

Week Five: Hypertext Fiction

Class 09 (Tuesday, September 21, 1999) Writing and Reading Hyperfiction

Class 10 (Thursday, September 23, 1999) Selected Hyperfictions

Week Six: Communities in Hypertext: Local and Global

Class 11 (Tuesday, September 28, 1999) Building Communities with Hypertext

Class 12 (Thursday, September 30, 1999) Hypertext, Reconsidered

Week Seven: Programming Hypertext

Class 13 (Tuesday, October 5, 1999) Reconsideration, Continued

Class 14 (Thursday, October 7, 1999) Who Remembers?

Week Eight: Reflections on Race

Class 15 (Tuesday, October 12, 1999) Race, Gender, Culture, and the Web

Class 16 (Thursday, October 14, 1999) Is Hypermedia a White-American-Male Enterprise?


Break runs from 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 15, to 8:00 a.m. on Monday, October 25.

Week Nine: Programming Adaptive Hypertexts

Class 17 (Tuesday, October 26, 1999) Programming Adaptive Hypertexts

Class 18 (Thursday, October 28, 1999) Programming, Continued

Week Ten: Does Hypermedia Change the Way(s) We Think?

Class 19 (Tuesday, November 2, 1999) Does Language Influence Thought?

Class 20 (Thursday, November 4, 1999) Work on Alice

Week Eleven: Commerce

Class 21 (Tuesday, November 9, 1999) Does Language Influence Thought? Revisited

Class 22 (Thursday, November 11, 1999) Who Remembers?

Week Twelve: Hypermedia in Education

Class 23 (Tuesday, November 16, 1999) Paper Discussion

Class 24 (Thursday, November 18, 1999) Themes

Week Thirteen: Can There Be Hyper-Music?

Class 25 (Tuesday, November 23, 1999) Music and Hypermedia

Thanksgiving Recess runs from 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 24 to 8:00 a..m on Monday, November 29.

Week Fourteen: Artistic Hypermedia

Class 26 (Tuesday, November 30, 1999) International Hypertext I

Class 27 (Thursday, December 2, 1999) International Hypertext II

Week Fifteen: Wrapup

Class 28 (Tuesday, December 7, 1999) What is Hypermedia? Revisited

Class 29 (Thursday, December 9, 1999) Evaluation, Plans for the Future, and More


The history will not include small changes to the summaries of individual classes. You can find more information on such changes in the individual outlines.

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