Hypermedia: Some Technology, Some Implications (Fall 1999)

The LambdaMOO On-Line Tutorial's Review Sheet

Taken from an session on LambdaMOO on Monday, 27 September 1999.

This is a brief list of the commands covered in the tutorial.
To use the tutorial yourself, telnet to lambda.parc.xerox.com port 7777
and log in as a guest.  @tutorial is the command to start the tutorial.

Please send comments by MOOmail to Michele.

How to Set Pagelength
  @pagelength <number>

How to Set Linelength
  @linelength <number>
  @wrap <on | off>

How to Speak
  say <text>

Non-verbal Communication
  emote <text>

Long-distance Communication
  page <player> [[with] <text>]

Who's On-Line?
  @who <playername>

How to Look Around
  look <object>
  look in <object>
  look <object1> in <object2>
  look me
  look <player>

How to Examine Objects
  examine <object>
  @examine <object>
  read <note>

How to Describe Yourself
  @describe me as <text>

Characters & Gender
  @gender <gender>

  @rename me to <newname>

Moving Around
  go <directionlist>

End of Chapter 1
  help mail
  help @send
  say Hi, I'm new here.  Do you have a minute for a question?

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