Hypermedia: Some Technology, Some Implications (Fall 1999)

Assignment: Teaching Web

Assigned: Tuesday, August 31, 1999
Due: Tuesday, September 14, 1999



Each group is responsible for creating

Group Gamma is responsible for six narratives and four generalizations.

Each narrative and each generalization should be one or two paragraphs. Each narrative and generalization should have its own page. Some fairly sarcastic narratives and generalizations are available (although with more limited links).

Pay particular attention to the links you create between different pages. In particular, don't just create ``this is an example of ...'' type links. Rather, think of relationships between the kinds of teaching (and perhaps even between the narratives), such as opposition, subject, or level. You may even find it necessary to create a few extra supporting pages.

This is a somewhat different writing assignment than normal. You need not concern yourself with argumentation. Rather, think about writing short pages that people will enjoy reading and connection. In particular, the focus in this assignment is on linking. You will be graded on the quality and creativity you show in your connections. You may want to consider Randall Trigg's A Taxonomy of Link Types> for some ideas about kinds of links.


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