Hypermedia: Some Technology, Some Implications (Fall 1999)

Reading Assignment: Articles about MUDs and MOOs

Assigned: Thursday, 23 September 1999
Question Due: Noon, Monday, 27 September 199
Expected Discussion: Tuesday, 28 September 1999

This is a reading assignment. You should reflect on the notes on reading assignments before undertaking this assignment.

Although they are not explicitly hypertexts, many people consider MUDs and MOOs as a kind of hypertext. Read the following papers on MUDs and MOOs.

Warning! The last reading contains some fairly offensive material. If you would prefer not to read or discuss it, please let me know. (If anyone prefers not to read or discuss it, then we won't discuss it.)

You may also want to look at other papers from our links page.

Come up with one interesting discussion question that pertains to the reading, and be prepared to discuss that question (and others) in class.


Wedneday, 22 September 1999

Thursday, 23 September 1999

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