Owning the Intangible: Possession, Theft, and (Mis)Appropriation of Ideas

A Rubric for Evaluating Presentations

Using this form: First fill in short answers (both a grade and then a short comment). After you have filled in the short answers, answer the longer and more reflective questions. On the short questions use the following: plus for outstandingly; check for adequately; minus for poorly.

A. Date Form Completed:

B. Presenter:

C. Evaluator:

D. What, in your view, is the central point of the presentation?



E. How well did the opening announce the thesis or central point? _____

F. How well did the closing leave the reader with a clear sense of the thesis or central point? _____

G. How well did the presentation fit that point into a clear structure? _____


H. How clear was the speaker (volume, pacing, etc)? _____

I. How successful was the speaker at conveying his or her presence through techniques like posture, eye contact, and clothing)? _____

J. How well did the speaker keep your interest through gestures, use of the board, dynamic voice an such? _____

K. How well did the the speaker demonstrate mastery of the subject? ____

L. How well did the speaker handle questions? _____


M. How important/interesting is the thesis or central point (described above)? _____

N. How much did you learn from the presentation (content, a new approach to an idea, etc)? _____

O. How well did the speaker provide sufficient background for the audience, particularly through sources (if appropriate)? _____

Narrative Assessment

P. What were the strongest aspects of this presentation?


Q. What were the weakest aspects of this presentation?


S. Please enter any other comments you have here.



This document is available at http://www.cs.grinnell.edu/~rebelsky/Courses/Tutorial/2010F/Handouts/presentation-rubric.pdf.



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