Owning the Intangible: Possession, Theft, and (Mis)Appropriation of Ideas

Your Editing Portfolio

As part of your work in this class, you must regularly edit the work of your colleagues. In part, I require this editing because I want you all to see what it's like to edit someone else's work (with a hope that you'll provide better work to your own editors). In part, it's because I believe that peer editing should be a central part of Grinnell's culture, and I want you to start forming that culture early. In part, I think that peer editing will help you learn the many lessons we consider about style and writing.

How will I grade your editing? I expect you to put together an editing portfolio. This portfolio will contain most, if not all, of the editing you do in class this semester. Among other things, this expectation means that

The portfolio will also include a short reflective essay on your editing work this semester. I will make my expectations for that essay (which will be under one page) available late in the semester.



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