FAI: Freedom and Authority on the Internet

Writing Assignment 2: A Rape in Cyberspace, Revisited


In this assignment, you will revise a short essay arguing to employ a mechanism for resolving a violation of community norms in an online environment.

Due: 8:15 a.m., Thursday, 6 September 2007

To Turn In:

Purposes: I intend this assignment and your work for the assignment to provide a variety of benefits. In particular, I expect that they will

Background: In writing exercise 1, you wrote a short essay that argued for a particular mechanism for resolving a conflict in an online community. A colleague from class provided some comments on that essay and I separately suggested some ways in which you could improve the essay. In addition, you have now received essays from your colleagues, some of which argue other points.

Assignment: Revise your essay to incorporate the suggestions. When possible (given the restrictions on length) you should strive to incorporate opposing views and your counter-arguments to those opposing views.

Length: 300-600 words.

Audience: You are writing for the typical Web reader. Your reader has probably communicated on the Web and has perhaps been in some form of online community, but has not thought deeply about the kinds of conflicts that can arise in online communities or about mechanisms for resolving conflict. You may also assume that the reader does not just say It's just a game, why should we care? or something similar.

I expect to post your essays on the Web, so your readers really will be typical Web readers.

Citing Sources: I expect you to use at least three sources within this document. Again, please put a list of references at the end, using APA format.



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