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Miscellaneous Homework 4: Course Syllabi

Summary: In this exercise, you will gather information on your current courses in preparation for advising discussions on Thursday, 6 September 2007.

Purpose: To get you think about planning your semester.

Due: 8:15 a.m., Thursday, 6 September 2007

1. Gather the syllabi from each of your courses this semester, including the due dates of any homework assignments and exams. If your instructors have not provided you with a list of assignments and exams, ask them for that information. (Ask in a polite way, since they may not have that information available yet.)

2. For each category of work, make a list of the major assignments and their due dates. (You need not include daily readings and such.) Indicate how much time you expect each to take.

3. Summarize your expected regular work in each class. By regular work I mean the work that you have to do for each class or each week of class. Indicate how long you expect that work to take.



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